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We at Mixnmatcheliquids strongly urge you to arm yourself with the most powerful weapon possible; knowledge. We are living in amazing times, never before in the history of mankind has information been so readily available to anyone who takes the time and initiative to seek it. This is your life, your health, and your well-being. We encourage you to explore all of your options. Even if it’s not with our company, your health is what matters most!


Chances are what brought you here is a desire for self-improvement and a want for a healthy lifestyle change. Quitting smoking is said to be one of the most difficult endeavours that many of us will partake in a lifetime. Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, and lung diseases (including emphysema and bronchitis, among other health related side effects.) For every person who dies from a smoking-related disease, 20 more people suffer with at least one serious illness from smoking.

There is good news today for people who have thought about quitting with the help of these vapor devices. The United Health Organization concluded that "In the short time that e-vapor kits have become popular, the actual number of people who were able to quit have risen by well over 300%. No other methodology in the past has proven so successful in such a short period of time”.


What brought us here was a genuine enthusiasm and strong belief in the usefulness of the electronic cigarettes, and eliquids that we sell. We strongly believe that electronic cigarettes are a viable alternative to traditional analogs (cigarettes). We strive to bring you a healthy alternative to traditional analogs, without taking advantage of your desire to better your health!


Electronic cigarettes have not only been proven to be a healthier alternative to analogs, but they are supposed to be a much more economical alternative. By choosing the correct vendor, it is possible that you can save literally hundreds of dollars per year! We urge to you to do your homework and decide what company is best for you.


As a Company, we know the consumer has many options. What sets us apart from many other companies is that we want to earn your business through honesty, fair prices, reliable electronics, delicious hand made e-liquids &ejuices and a genuine respect for what our customers really are; the life-blood of our business! It’s our goal and our responsibility to offer you excellent customer service, a quality product and education, along with a sense of community and integrity at fair price! We will always do our best to uphold this goal, and if ever you should feel that we are not living up to our standards – please let us know, we will personally work with you to make things right!


These are the major reasons why our company is expanding in such an amazing rate. We never do discounts as far as it concerns quality. We use certified pharmaceutical type raw material and food quality favouring from well known vendors like the Flavor West, Cappella's Flavor Drops, The Flavor Apprentice, Flavor Art, Loranne etc.

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